A Virtual Office – Your Solution for the Home Office Blues   Are you self-employed and your home life is being over-run by your work life?  Have you considered getting an office, but it’s more than you need and out of your budget?  Do you find yourself meeting customers in noisy coffee shops or not […]

Why Your Business Address Matters   A small business owner has many decisions to make when setting up shop. Your business address may seem to be a mundane decision but could actually be among the most important. If the business is home-based, is it best to use a home address or a post office box? […]

Workspace Options: What’s the Best Fit for You?   Coworking, business center, shared workspace, flexible workspace, executive suite, serviced office, drop-in workspace – the office space market has its own linguistic stew. Not all workspaces are created equal, though, and for those looking for an alternative to traditional office space with its high costs and […]