Office Space Costs Are More than Just Rent

The cost for a conventional office is more than just the rent you pay.  It's also the "triple net" (NNN) building maintenance costs for things like utilities and property taxes.  Then add costs for phone and internet, furniture, office equipment like a copier and postage meter, "kitchen" supplies like coffee, sugar, creamer and paper goods, and receptionist/office manager staffing.  These all add up in a hurry and also cost you time to put them in place, manage and maintain them.  

An office in a business center (or shared workplace) reduces these costs by sharing them with everybody in the center and saves you time by managing them all for you.

The two charts below compare the features, start-up costs, and monthly costs of an office at Front Range Business Centers with conventional "unserviced" office space. The conventional space in our example is 500 square feet - enough for one private office, small conference room, reception area, and kitchenette.

The comparable Front Range Business Centers office in our example is a 130 square foot private window office plus 1,000 square feet of shared furnished and equipped conference rooms, reception areas, kitchen and common areas all available for your use.  Different office sizes are available ranging from 100 square feet to 250 square feet.  As the chart shows, with an office at FRBC you - 

  • Get more features and benefits.
  • Save on start-up costs
  • Save on monthly costs.
  • Save time, energy and effort - we take care of it all for you!

Click here for a pdf version of the charts below.

Conventional Office vs. Front Range Business Centers

Features Comparison


Conventional Office

Front Range Business Centers Office

Initial Start‐Up Costs


Low – see Cost Chart below

Monthly Costs


Low – see Cost Chart below

Available Meeting Rooms

One – space you pay for, even if you don’t use it frequently

Seven – seat up to 20, furnished and A/V equipped, two locations

Kitchen/Lounge Area

Maybe - you equip, supply and maintain

Yes – fully equipped, we maintain it and supply it

Length of Commitment

Typically 1–5 years

Flexible – Your choice - month-to-month, short-term, or 12 months

Flexibility to Downsize/Expand

None or limited and difficult

Very flexible – add offices as you grow, downsize with ease


Sometimes wait 1‐3 months for improvements

Move in today


Go without, or you hire, train and manage

Available as needed – we hire, train and manage, basic receptionist services included, you only pay for the "admin support" time you need

Office Equipment

You research and manage all equipment – phones, internet, copiers, postage meter, fax machine, etc.

Already in place and available as you need them – no time on your part to research or manage them


Cost Comparison

500 sq. ft. Conventional Rented Office vs. Front Range Business Centers Office


Conventional Office

Executive Suite Office

Monthly Fee


(assumes total 500 sq. ft. for office, meeting room, reception & kitchen at $15NNN per foot per year) divided by 12 months  - rates could be even higher


(130 sq. ft. window office + 1,000 sq. ft. of furnished meeting rooms, lobby, and kitchen areas)

Monthly NNN Maintenance  Fees

(often part of conventional space rent)

$208 (500 sq. ft. x $5)/12 months

$0 - included in your monthly fee

Phone & Internet Service

$150 (estimated– 2 phone lines and high‐speed internet)

$0  - included


(salary and benefits)

$1,250/month for part-time;
$2,500/month full-time

$0 for Included Receptionist

Secretarial/administrative support

services also available by the hour


$0 (part of start‐up costs below)

$0 (optional $100/month for rental)

Copier lease/maintenance

$125 (usually requires 3‐5 yr. lease)

$0 (pay by the copy IF you need copies)

Kitchen Supplies (coffee, paper goods)

$50 (plus your time to buy and manage)

$0 (unlimited coffee & tea included)

Total Monthly:

$2,408 (with P/T receptionist)

$825*  ($925 if you rent furniture)

Security Deposits

$1,416 (usually first and last month’s rent and NNN costs)

$400 (refundable)

Other Start‐Up Costs (furniture, phone & fax equipment, installation fees, kitchen equipment, etc.)


$2,000 or more


$189 set up fee (+ furniture if you buy)

Total Start‐Up Costs:

$3,416 or more

$589  (+ furniture if you purchase your own furniture and don't rent)

 *Less and more expensive offices are available starting at $575/mo. (Micro offices in Fort Collins starting at $295/mo.) 
Your total monthly cost will vary depending on options you select.